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Text, Earn, Repeat

Its so easy! Open your online dispensary, and watch your practice grow.

Grow Your Practice

What is the ProvideHealth App?

ProvideHealth is the next-generation patient dispensary technology. Developed by medical professionals with over 30 years of clinical experience. They know what it takes to get through clinic and designed Provide Health to be doctor friendly. Our unique platform makes it easy to prescribe over-the-counter products, vitamins, and supplements. 

ProvideHealth Benefits

ProvideHealth allows you to quickly and easily make recommendations while improving the efficiency of your practice. It also offers an additional revenue stream, as doctors can earn from the sales of qualified products. No more scribbling on scrap paper, no more time looking for printouts, no more callbacks about dosage, brand, or lost paperwork. It couldn’t be easier! 

How Does it Work?

Register as a healthcare professional to open your dispensary, and share your recommendation to patients via anonymous text. Patients can purchase the items directly or use the App as a shopping list to buy at the store of their choice. Doctors are paid for each transaction and can track sales and payouts through the Stripe app. 

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