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About Us


Hi, I'm Jim Atkins MD. I'm an otolaryngologist and a tech geek. Along with my wife Lori Atkins PA-C we created the ProvideHealth App to solve a common problem we believe many practitioners have. Like you, we spend a lot of time recommending OTC medications and supplements to our patients. However, when making those recommendations we:

  1. Were either scribbling our recommendations on a piece of paper, or

  2. Waiting for our EMR to print our recommendations, or

  3. Trying to find the brochure for the product we wanted to recommend.


We also found that patients experienced problems because they often called back that they had lost the information, or despite all the information we gave them they couldn't seem to find the products and didn't buy anything, or they bought the wrong product.

Commonly, we'd recommend a high-quality supplement only to find that the patient had substituted a product of questionable quality from Amazon.

The ProvideHealth App aims to solve these problems by:

  1. Allowing the provider or staff to text recommendations directly to patients from the App. The sending number is unique to the app so your mobile number stays secure.

  2. The text link opens the ProvideHealth App to the recommended products and allows for immediate purchase.


We also maintain the quality of all of products offered in the ProvideHealth App because we purchase and warehouse the products. We never drop ship. We handle the storage, order processing, and shipping. We only offer the highest quality supplements.​


Providers have two options when using our app.

  1. You can quickly and easily create your own dispensary and receive 20% of Vitamin and Supplement sales. We process the 20% payment via Stripe on a per-transaction basis, so payment is usually in your account within 2-3 days. No need to wait for monthly checks.

  2. Providers that don't want a dispensary can still register and use the App to make accurate, secure recommendations to patients.


You can register in the app, but if you would like more information schedule a call with Lori Atkins by clicking here.

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