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Dispensary Set-Up

Welcome to our step-by-step registration and dispensary setup guide. These easy-to-follow videos will walk you through each stage, from downloading the app to creating favorites for your dispensary. With these videos, we aim to make the setup effortless, ensuring you can benefit from Provide Health's features as quickly as possible.

1. Downloading and Setting Up your Account

In this video we will walk you through how to download the ProvideHealth app and set up your dispensary account. 

2. Registering your Dispensary

This video will guide you through the registration process. 

3. Stripe Payment Registration

ProvideHealth partners with Stripe to offer a seamless and secure payment solution for your dispensary. Stripe's user-friendly interface and efficient processing make the registration process straightforward, and hassle-free purchases for your patients.

4. Setting Up and Using Provider Mode

Provider Mode is the backbone of ProvideHealth. It allows you to text your recommendations to your patients directly from your phone without disclosing your phone number.

5. Using Stripe Express to Monitor Your Dispensary Sales

Stripe Express is an app for your mobile device that allows you to track and monitor your sales with real-time reporting. It offers valuable insights into your transactions, and helps you understand your business performance so you can make informed decisions.

6. Using to monitor You Dispensary Sales is a way to monitor sales and payments online from your browser..  It offers real-time reporting and valuable insights into your transactions, helping you understand your performance.

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